Kassa Gebremariam

Welcome, this is a website to commemorate and celebrate Colonel Kassa Gebremariam. Colonel Kassa Gebremariam was a well-known military figure in Ethiopia during H.I.M. Haileselassie’s and Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam’s regimes. We are excited and proud to form and launch this site.

Colonel Kassa Gebremariam

Colonel Kassa Gebremariam had already triumphed in all the operations in the south and the offenses in the north until he was ordered to command a special mission. The goal of this mission was to go deep into the enemy’s occupied area and control their supply route. The operation was daring and extraordinary because of the rugged terrain and arid nature of the area. With a surprise attack that the secessionists had ever faced before, he led his force on foot, penetrating the area between Nakfa and Algena Fronts, and controlled the route in a short time. This offense was so decisive that it put the enemy in a desperate situation. In three days of fierce fighting hundreds of lives perished from both sides. In the mean while the enemy, which was continuously getting some reinforcement and supply each day, turned things around and started to attack viciously. Colonel Kassa’s force, with no reinforcement and supply at all, exhausted, fatigued and overwhelmed with thirst started to go on disarray. The dwindling and remaining force ended up being encircled by the enemy and yet kept on fighting stubbornly. At last our hero, Colonel Kassa Gebremariam, with his dignity, pride and composure intact, killed himself – sacrificing his life for his country and his people. To read Colonel Kassa Gebremariam’s brief biography click here.


The book shown here is the biography of Colonel Kassa Gebremariam, it is written in Amharic. It is titled ‘Tarik Yemtmesekirln  . . . Kassa Gebremariam‘ and the author is Sentayehu Kassa.  The book is now available at Amazon.

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To listen to Dr. Sentayehu Kassa’s interview by the Voice of America,  VOA – Amharic Program click Here (It is in Amharic)

40th Year Anniversary /Commemoration


IMG_0725 (3)
Guests of honors General Taye Tilahun and Col. Semret Medehanie
Ethiopian Veterans Association members with Col. Kassa Gebremariam’s family (Partially)

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Colonel Kassa Gebremariam had led and succeeded many battles and missions to protect the sovereignty and unity of Ethiopia during and after Emperor Haile Selassie’s regime. It was 40 years ago that Colonel Kassa Gebremariam had at last sacrificed himself for the unity of Ethiopia.

To commemorate this 40th year anniversary many invited former Ethiopian Army high ranking officers and fellow members, civilians, family and friends as well as his admirers were gathered at the Officers’ Club in Addis Ababa on Saturday, July 20th 2019. To read more click here

Colonel Kassa Gebremariam Honored

Heroes Night DC

We are overwhelmed with joy and proud to report that Colonel Kassa Gebremariam has been honored as one of the Ultimate Heroes of Ethiopia in a glorious ceremony held in Washington D.C. on September 8, 2017. Maj. General Mesfin Gerbrekal, Maj. General Merdasa Lelisa, Brig. General Ashenafi Gebretsadiq, Colonel Berhanu Wubneh, Sergeant Geremew Hailemariam and members of the former Ethiopian Navy that gallantly fought in Massawa were the other honorees selected by The North American Organizing Committee for Honoring Ethiopian Heroes for this year.

Dr. Sentayehu Kassa accepted Colonel Kassa Gebremariam’s award on the occasion. Proud as she was of her father she was humbled and grateful when she accepted his award. After the award ceremony dinner and drinks were served. Then a brief life history of each honoree was read. Entertainment with music and dance followed as part of the tribute to the honorees. Many Ethiopians from all walks of life were present for the occasion.

This was the fourth time that the committee has held such ceremony, the previous three were held in the years 2008, 2009 and 2010. Lastly, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to the committee and many others who had made this marvelous occasion possible.

Addis Ababa Event

4H5A4926An event commemorating Colonel Kassa Gebremariam and the launching of the book in Ethiopia for the first time were held on July 8, 2017 at Addis Ababa Hilton. For the author and the rest of the family it was a long awaited special moment. . . . . To continue reading this click here.

The author with herAddis Ababa University Medical School friends

To see more pictures from the Addis Ababa Event click here.

From Dallas Event

Dallas, Texas Event The Dallas, Texas Event, unlike the Virginia one, was organized within a short time, however, the turnout was very impressive. Over a hundred people showed up for the event. It was held on April 1, 2017 at Dreams Club . . .

To read a short report on the Dallas Event click here.

Book signing in Virginia

 Special Event in Virginia

As planned the commemoration of the Ethiopian hero Colonel Kassa Gebremariam and the launching of his biography were held on March 18, 2017 at Meaza Restaurant in Virginia. By the committee’s estimation over 300 people attended the event . . .To read a report on the Virginia Special Event by the committee click here.